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28th-Nov-2006 10:23 am - Youth Education in the Arts
Sponsors The Cadets and the Crossmen Drum and Bugle Corps.
28th-Nov-2006 10:20 am - Boston Crusaders
Joining the Boston Crusaders

Deciding to march in a DCI open class-level drum corps is a major commitment. Selecting the right corps is critical to insuring the quality of your summer
experience. If you are seriously considering joining an open class corps, we encourage you to make the Boston Crusaders your first choice. Here’s why:

At the Boston Crusaders, we pride ourselves on providing every member with a combination of practical skill development and personal growth. Our shows
are designed to maximize audience entertainment, not just to win drum corps contests. The educational program in each of our captions allows members to
expand their performance horizons and realize the potential that lies within them.

When you join the Boston Crusaders, you become part of a tradition unlike any other.  Just as our historic hometown has played a unique role in American
history, you can trace the legacy of the Boston Crusaders back to the origins of drum corps before the Second World War.
Throughout the decades, the Crusaders have continuously left an indelible mark on the drum corps activity. From the championship contending corps of the
‘50s and ‘60s to the remarkable size-defying corps of the ‘70s and ‘80s, the Boston Crusaders have always been known for their consistency and commitment
to a standard of excellence.

Our program is structured to meet your needs and to allow you to reach your goals. During late Fall 2006, you may attend audition camps in either Boston
or Central Florida. Starting in January 2007, Brass and Percussion members chosen for the 2007 corps will be required to attend monthly winter camps in
Central Florida. Guard members chosen for 2007 will not be required to attend another camp until April 2007. This camp will be held in Central Florida.

Our six-week national tour features deluxe motor coaches, one of the best food programs in DCI, and a schedule that balances the needs of the members with
the demands of a highly competitive performance environment. Most of all, the staff is dedicated to ensuring the quality of the members’ educational experience.
When you’re ready to give your all, when you want to be the best you can be, you can be confident you’re ready to join the Boston Crusaders.

Is this what you're looking for?  Are you interested in joining the Boston Crusaders?  If you think you're interested, please read the following information
and pre-register for one of our audition camps.