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28th-Nov-2006 10:12 am
Camp questions:

When and where are the Audition camps?

You can audition for the 2007 Bluecoats on the following dates:

Denton, TX: November 18-19, 2006

Canton, OH: November 25-26, 2006

All further camp dates will be announced in the fall.

Should I attend the Texas Camp, Ohio Camp or Both?

The Bluecoats simultaneously operate our winter camps in both Ohio and Texas. You should attend the Texas audition camp if you are from the southern U.S.
or attend the Ohio audition camp if you are from the northern U.S. It is not necessary to attend both. With that said, if you are from the north and are
not available to attend the Ohio audition camp, it is ok for you to attend the Texas camp and vice versa.

If I am from Texas do I have to travel to Ohio to attend the remaining winter camps?

It depends on what section you are in. We will only ask brass players to travel to Ohio three times (March, April and May), and color guard members twice
(April and May). Members of the percussion section will be asked to attend all Ohio camps after the initial Texas audition camp.

Are your camps open to all people auditioning?

The first two audition camps in Ohio and Texas are open to all people auditioning – brass, percussion and color guard. All positions for the 2007 Bluecoats
are open, and any eligible veterans who wish to return in 2007 should be prepared to re-audition.

What should I expect at my first camp?

1. To have fun, meet new people, and learn a lot about drum and bugle corps!  Check out the
November 2004 Camp video
and the
November 2005 Camp video
for an idea what to expect.

 2. A complete orientation session with the Bluecoats Management Team. You will learn all about what it takes to be part of DCI and the Bluecoats: the time
commitment, costs, tour schedule, and your participation will be fully explained. Ample time will be allotted throughout the weekend for you to ask any

3. A complete orientation by the Bluecoats primary instructional staff. Staff specifically directed to your position (guard, brass, or percussion) will
give you all the technical information about performing as a Bluecoat. You will have one on one time with your primary instructor, so any questions can
be answered at that time.

4. The entire weekend is part of your audition. There will be ample opportunities for you to perform for the instructional staff in both a group and one
on one setting.

5. At the conclusion of the 2-day camp, you will be given the results of your audition:

A. You will be offered a position.

B. You will be given a tentative offer based upon your improvement in certain areas.

C. You will be given exact and detailed information concerning how you may improve for an audition next year.

6. A relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere surrounded by dedicated professional educators who love drum corps and the Bluecoats!

Do I have to attend all of the camps?

We understand that conflicts arise and those are dealt with on an individual basis. However, your best chance of making the corps will depend on your attendance
at the camps. Please talk with the administrative staff to inform the corps of any anticipated camp absences. When you fail to attend a camp and haven't
told us why in advance, we assume that you do not wish to be a part of the corps.

Who do I contact with attendance conflicts?

If you cannot attend one of the first two November audition camps, you are welcome to attend audition camps in December (to be announced soon). However,
if you are a percussionist from Texas and cannot attend the November Texas camp (or even the November Ohio Camp), you must attend the December Ohio camp
to audition.

To discuss any extraordinary attendance issues involving the first few camps, please contact Operations Director Genevieve Geisler at
ggeisler@bluecoats.com .

How much does membership in the Bluecoats cost?

The operation of a world-class drum corps is a very expensive project. The equipment (horns and drums) and the fleet of vehicles are just a few of the most
expensive items. The cost of housing, instruction, touring and uniforms also increase costs.

A fee structure for our audition camps will be announced in the fall.

The amount that the Bluecoats charge its members covers a very small portion of the actual cost— it is also among the least expensive drum corps in the

Are there opportunities for me to earn money towards my financial obligations?

YES!!! The corps offers several fundraisers and provides all necessary sponsorship materials for the member to do the work. However, the member is the one
who ultimately has to put forth the effort to raise the funds.

If you feel you may have difficulty meeting your financial obligations to the corps, please talk in confidence with a member of the administrative staff.
The corps can only help you if we know about your situation.

Time-commitment questions:

The Bluecoats are looking for a full-time commitment from late May to mid-August.

Can I join the Bluecoats if I'm in my high school or college band?

Yes, but check your schedule with your band director. If your band camp is in early August, it may conflict with DCI Championship Week, and if you're "signed"
with the Bluecoats, we won't be able to spare you during that week, so you may need to arrive late at band camp . It is important that High School students
know the date of graduation or your last day of school before you attend your first audition camp. If there are any conflicts with our move-in date, this
information will help us assess each situation on a case-by-case basis.

Can I join the Bluecoats if I'm in a Winterguard?

Yes. The Bluecoats support the indoor colorguard activity and do not require colorguard members to attend certain winter camps.  See the
calendar to find out which camps colorguard members are asked to attend.

Can I join the Bluecoats if I'm in an Indoor Percussion Ensemble?

Yes.  The Bluecoats support the Indoor Percussion Activity, and we have planned our winter camps around WGI Percussion Regionals that are close to the Canton,
OH area.

Can I still do band camp? Will I be back in time for school?

Possibly, but only if your band camp begins after DCI Championships. As a member of a world class drum and bugle corps, you are asked to make a financial
and personal commitment to the corps. As the corps tours, so will you. High school band directors usually have a policy on this and it's best if you check
with your director before committing. Most schools do not start until after DCI World Championships and you will have time to make it back to your respective
school. However, please check with your school.

Other questions:

What instruments are in the corps?


All of our brass instruments are bell-front, three-valve brass instruments—trumpets, mellophones, baritones, euphoniums, and tubas—keyed in B-flat (mellophones
are keyed in F.)

All brass music is written in treble clef, although bass clef music is available for baritones, euphoniums, and tubas.


Battery (marching percussion) consists of snares, quads (tenors,) and bass drums. The Bluecoats do not field a cymbal line.

The front ensemble generally consists of, but is not limited to: wooden keyboards (xylophones, marimba), metallic keyboards (vibraphones, bells, etc), timpani,
Afro-Cuban drums (congas, timbales), cymbals, gongs, and various concert percussion instruments.

Color Guard

The Bluecoats color guard will audition both male and female candidates for 2007. The color guard utilizes flags, rifles, sabres, and dance in their routines.

Can my parents get involved?

Definitely! The Bluecoats have a
volunteer organization
very similar to a band booster organization. These volunteers help with cooking, travel arrangements, sewing, uniforms, and other sundry needs. The Bluecoats
tour with anywhere from 10-20 volunteers. Volunteers are also needed during the winter camps to prepare meals, service vehicles, sew uniforms, repair instruments,

I didn't see my question here. Who can I ask?

We have a section of our forum dedicated to
prospective member questions.
Ask your question there and someone might answer; but bear in mind that all official information will be posted to this page first.